25 Days of omg.lol

Day 15

Hello again! First up, some weblog news: no new features today, but several bug fixes (including some real embarrassing ones) and some early work on two special new features that are coming this weekend. They’re bigger ones, so that’s why they’re going to take a bit to fully bake before they’re ready.

But I’m not leaving you empty-handed! I’ve been working on a referral program for a while (kicking off this discussion last month), and I’m getting really close to having the details ready to share. Program specifics aside, I went ahead and wrapped up the core referral tracking mechanics, and you’ll see a brand new link at the top of your account page for your referral page.

The referral page has a few things on it, but I won’t go into all of that here. Feel free to check it out, and maybe take a look at the (kinda draft-ish) article on referrals to learn more. The super quick summary is that everyone now has their own referral URL to share, and there’s also an easy way for everyone to go in and say who referred them (since this upcoming referral program will apply rewards retroactively).

If you have any feedback on the referral page (which is a little drab at the moment, but it’s functional!) please let me know. See you again tomorrow behind another door.

— Adam