25 Days of omg.lol

Day 2

Today brings support for feeds to weblog.lol—because a weblog without a feed is like a telephone without an RJ-11 cable. Or something like that.

In August 1999, Blogger.com went online as one of the very earliest blogging services. But just a few months before that—in March 1999—Dave Winer gifted the internet with Really Simple Syndication, or RSS. It changed the very fabric of online information exchange, and was the center of the web’s transformation from little fiefdoms of static content to a rich and fluid discourse. Blogging would not have attained its lasting significance—which has persisted for two plus decades—were it not for RSS.

Now, you can pay homage to this technical marvel by adding these tags to your weblog.lol template:

You can put {rss} or {json} in the <head> section of your weblog template, or, better yet, you can just put {feeds} there (which will give you both, because you definitely want both).

As with everything else, feed support may be a bit buggy (and your bug reports are always welcome). An Atom feed might show up shortly, too.

Other updates

Stay tuned for more tomorrow! 👋

— Adam