25 Days of omg.lol

Day 20

Wow, 20 days down so far! Can you believe it? I sure can’t.

Today was a quieter day, mostly owing to some non-omg.lol issues to deal with and the one remaining “big” weblog.lol feature not being close enough to ready yet. So I focused on some bug fixes (of which there were several, especially related to the advanced template variables introduced yesterday) and a couple of updates.

“Oh no, I broke (dot lol) something!”

No, nothing is actually broken—but today I launched our updated offsite status page, broke.lol. This replaced the old status.omg.lol page, which I always confused with status.lol (so I’m guessing it might have been confusing for others, too). The new domain is short and easy to remember:

  1. “broke” as in “I broke the server!”
  2. “broke” as in “if I keep buying domains, I’ll go broke...”

The new status page also links to individual public updown.io status pages, for an unbiased external view of service performance.

Anyway, just remember: if something seems wrong, check broke.lol first!

Following up on yesterday’s new weblog.lol search feature:

  1. You can now disable search by setting this in your configuration:
Search status: disabled
  1. You can now hide individual posts/pages from the search index with this metadata:
Index: exclude

That‘s it for today. See you again tomorrow!

— Adam