25 Days of omg.lol

Day 3

We’re getting closer to the point where life can be breathed into Neatnik Accounts! With a bunch of details now having been carefully considered, and a plan for how everything will work more or less sketched out (and looking pretty good at this point!), an important next step is giving everything a home—a place for the software to run, and for the data to live, safely and securely.

I’m standing up a pair of brand new servers for Neatnik Accounts, mainly so that the code can run in complete isolation. Same goes for the data! Having all of this walled off and running securely is the only acceptable approach here, so that’s what I’m doing.

As usual, I’m using Hetzner for the deployment, and spinning up these boxes in different datacenters. Two servers means redundancy, and two servers in geographically disparate locations means better redundancy.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, the domain should be revealed and something functional should be living there. Won’t be long now!

See you then,

— Adam