This was a holiday/advent weblog series which ran during December 2022, mostly documenting the creation of’s beta service. We’ll be back in December 2023 with more fun stuff for the holidays!

25 Days of

Day 17

Did I end yesterday’s post with a casually confident back to the usual weblog stuff tomorrow? Yes, yes I did. Now that it’s tomorrow, is there weblog stuff to share? No. No, there is not.

My prior optimism for further weblog progress was squashed by the brutal reality of some unforeseen certificate and web server configuration issues that I encountered. This led to a bit of service disruption, and I spent some time putting out some small fires (and then dousing the remaining embers). So the next planned weblog feature didn’t quite make it to a stable enough state to share today. But now it’s the weekend, and there’s plenty more time to move things forward!

Something new for profile pages

One thing I did do today is pick up another domain, at the suggestion of member and all-around great person @zioibi. That domain is, which doesn’t do much by itself, but it’s already wired up to show your own awesome profile page (if you have one). And it works both as a subdomain or a path, so and will both show @foobar’s profile page.

Prior to this we had as a dedicated profile domain, but I think is just way cooler. And with this, you now have more flexibility in how you use your core domain—you can point it anywhere (including somewhere externally, via DNS) and still enjoy having a profile page presence at

A quick follow-up on recent new stuff

Two days ago, I shared that our referral stuff has gone live, and 47 of you have logged your referrers. Neat! Don’t forget to use your referral URL if you have a friend sign up (and remember that they can always visit their referral page and put your address down as their referrer at any time, so not using the link isn’t a big deal). I’ll share more details about the actual referral program soon!

And yesterday our new member map went live. There have been 91 pins plopped on the map so far, which is really cool! It’s wonderful to see just how spread out across the globe we all are.

A Saturday puzzle

I have a fun surprise planned for tomorrow at noon EST (17:00 UTC). Check @prami’s Mastodon around that time to find out what it is! Here’s a hint: if you enjoy challenging codes and puzzles, then this will be for you.

That’s it for now. See you tomorrow!

— Adam