This was a holiday/advent weblog series which ran during December 2022, mostly documenting the creation of’s beta service. We’ll be back in December 2023 with more fun stuff for the holidays!

25 Days of

Day 20

Wow, 20 days down so far! Can you believe it? I sure can’t.

Today was a quieter day, mostly owing to some issues to deal with and the one remaining “big” feature not being close enough to ready yet. So I focused on some bug fixes (of which there were several, especially related to the advanced template variables introduced yesterday) and a couple of updates.

“Oh no, I broke (dot lol) something!”

No, nothing is actually broken—but today I launched our updated offsite status page, This replaced the old page, which I always confused with (so I’m guessing it might have been confusing for others, too). The new domain is short and easy to remember:

  1. “broke” as in “I broke the server!”
  2. “broke” as in “if I keep buying domains, I’ll go broke...”

The new status page also links to individual public status pages, for an unbiased external view of service performance.

Anyway, just remember: if something seems wrong, check first!

A couple of search-related enhancements

Following up on yesterday’s new search feature:

  1. You can now disable search by setting this in your configuration:
Search status: disabled
  1. You can now hide individual posts/pages from the search index with this metadata:
Index: exclude

That‘s it for today. See you again tomorrow!

— Adam