This was a holiday/advent weblog series which ran during December 2022, mostly documenting the creation of’s beta service. We’ll be back in December 2023 with more fun stuff for the holidays!

25 Days of

Day 21

No big features to share today. It was one of those days where I was getting ready to settle into conquering my weblog to-do list, but somehow wound up spending hours caught up in the bustle of holiday shopping and outside errands. The day just seemed to evaporate.

I did take care of a few feed-related bugs, though. There may be a few lingering ones—still trying to figure that out. XML is no one’s friend.

Tomorrow, I’ll be working on some underlying data structure things that should pave the way for a few cool things that I want to do. If all goes smoothly, I’ll be able to share at least one of those cool things pretty soon!

Finally, a non-weblog update: I’m very close to having the details of the member referral program worked out. Looking forward to sharing that very soon!

See you tomorrow!

— Adam