This was a holiday/advent weblog series which ran during December 2022, mostly documenting the creation of’s beta service. We’ll be back in December 2023 with more fun stuff for the holidays!

25 Days of

Day 22

Another quickie today, sorry! The weblog stuff is still happening in the background, but nothing is ready to share yet. Soon, though.

There is an update, today, though: I’m super happy to finally share the details of the member referral program! For each person that you refer to (and who signs up), you’ll receive three months of service credit.

If you visit your referrals page (it’s at the top of your account page), you’ll see a new Time Bank section. This will show the service credit that you’ve accumulated for your referrals. Soon, you’ll be able to use your credit — by applying it to your address(es), redeeming it for gift codes, or transferring it to any other member address. (Clearly I haven’t yet wrapped up those features, but they’re not far behind!)

I’ve updated the Referral Program info article with tons of details. If you have any questions, it means I’ve probably left something out—let me know, and I’ll clarify!

See you again tomorrow with more!

— Adam