This was a holiday/advent weblog series which ran during December 2022, mostly documenting the creation of’s beta service. We’ll be back in December 2023 with more fun stuff for the holidays!

25 Days of

Day 23

Hello again! Wow, Friday already. And just two more days until Christmas. 🎄

Today was yet another whirlwind of a day, which means I didn’t wind up getting to do a ton of (and stuff that I wanted to do. Frustrating! And yet, it’s that time of year. But on the bright side, I’m in the middle of an historic winter storm, which means I’ll probably be snowed in for most of the day, and I’ll have tons of time to finally work on the things I want to do! So, that’ll be great.

A few hours ago, I did a live stream and released website-monitor, the engine that powers That was fun! It’s not the best software in the world, but it’s extremely lightweight, relatively simple, and easy to hack. And now it’s open source! I hope it’s useful to someone.

Until tomorrow,

— Adam